Form 5500 and Other Compliance Services

Complying with the Federal laws that regulate health and welfare benefits have always been challenging for employer groups. The addition of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created a confusing environment and has increased federal mandates and requirements to comply. Human resources departments are being asked to do more with less and employers are looking for guidance from outside sources.

NueSynergy provides product options and services to ensure employers remain in compliance with both current and future obligations.

Compliance Communications
NueSynergy offers affordable solutions such as specialized products and powerful communication tools that allow mass distribution of mandatory notices. In addition, NueSynergy offers a consolidated ERISA Boost plan which contains ACA Toolkits for:
• New hire,
• Enrollment in a group plan,
• Open enrollment,
• Termination, and
• Other scenarios

Functional Data
NueSynergy provides tools for proactive decision making with regards to employee tracking and reporting, including the following services:
• Track monthly variable hour employee data, provides easy-to-read dashboards, and includes ACA alerts based on hours
• Quickly collect data to respond to inquiries from government agencies and annual filings on your behalf (e.g., 1094 and 1095 filings).
• Provide employers with the ability to code and distribute employee forms with the security of proper transmittal
• Our LeaveXpress service provides an efficient, cost-effective, and compliant way to track federal and state required leaves of absence.

Exposure Analytics
Reduce your risk of fines and fees by having our experts run tests such as:
• Transition Relief
• Measurement Period Establishment
• Affordability Safe Harbor Lookback Analysis
• Full Time Equivalents