NueSynergy COBRA Administration

COBRA administration can be a significant drain on your internal resources. Factor in the consequences of non-compliance, and it’s easy to understand why employers have turned to NueSynergy for over 20 years to manage this burdensome administrative task.

How We Help

NueSynergy will generate and mail the required notifications following the initial notice, as well as track, document and update all COBRA-related events. We also provide and maintain the necessary documentation to respond to an IRS audit of your COBRA practices.

NueSynergy provides COBRA participants with multiple payment options including check and online bill pay. We also provide individuals access to our NueSynergy Marketplace, an online exchange and call center where they are able to shop for plans in lieu of COBRA or speak with a live individual about their options.

Our COBRA administration specialists at NueSynergy offer ongoing communication and support to our employer partners and their COBRA participants. Live COBRA specialists are available via phone or email.