Surency's HSAs

A HSA allows members to choose how much of their paycheck they would like to set aside, before taxes are taken out, for healthcare expenses or use as a retirement savings tool. Our plan offers tax savings that a 401(k) and IRA don’t, making it a powerful option for diversifying your retirement portfolio.

It’s yours A HSA isn’t a “use it or lose it” account. Unspent funds carryover every year, and the account remains yours even when you switch employers. When a member reaches age 65, they can withdraw money (without penalty) and use it for anything, including non-healthcare expenses.

Spend, save, and invest - Funds can be spent on current eligible expenses, saved for future healthcare needs, or invested for retirement. Want to do all three? Set an investment threshold to mirror deductible amount and invest any contributions above it to build a retirement nest egg.

Flexibility - Members can adjust payroll deductions or contributions at any time, no questions asked.
Save on taxes 3 ways The money members contribute, earnings from investments, and withdrawals for eligible expenses, are all tax-free.

Investing and Investment Transfers

Surency offers investment transfers or sweeps. This feature allows members to increase the balance maintained in their Cash Account to whatever level works best for them before the surplus is automatically transferred to their investments. More cash means more dollars available immediately to pay medical expenses online or by using their Surency Benefits Card.

My HSA Planner

Surency utilizes My HSA Planner to personalize recommendations on how much a member should contribute to their HSA. This helps with understanding the benefits of a HSA, how much to contribute, and potential savings overtime. Learn more at