Atlantic American Employee Benefits’ Group Hospital Indemnity insurance plan can help bridge the gap between your employees’ medical plan and their out-of-pocket expenses related to a stay in the hospital due to a covered accident or sickness. Offering this type of insurance can help your employees and their families with an extra level of security and financial confidence.

Group Hospital Indemnity coverage from Atlantic American Employee Benefits pays indemnity benefits directly to the employee regardless of whether charges are covered by the employee’s medical plan.

Product Highlights:
• Can help round out a benefit package and help employees protect against the added financial stress of being in a hospital while recovering from an accident or serious illness
• Can help with expenses major medical plans may not cover
• HSA Compatible plan covers hospital admission and confinement
• Covers up to 30 additional benefits for non-HSA plans*
• Coverage is customizable—decide who’s eligible to enroll, which plan(s) to offer and what additional coverage options to include
• Covers maternity
• Observation stays covered
• Benefits are paid directly to employees
• Benefits are portable

Customize Your Plan:
• Employer-paid or voluntary
• Choose which benefits to include
• Flexible coverage amounts
• Decide who’s eligible
• Self bill or list bill

* Formerly Bankers Fidelity/BankersWorksite. For information about the BankersWorksite rebrand, visit

*Plan details and benefits may vary by state.

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