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At RedQuote, we believe in the power of one. One claim avoided can save an employer hundreds of thousands of dollars. RedQuote is built on this premise.

RedQuote is a boutique third-party benefits administrator, working with insurance brokers and employers to provide HRA, FSA, and COBRA Administration and Outreach, along with commuter benefits — all while helping employees and individuals explore their full spectrum of coverage options, including Medicare. We provide significant outreach services, pairing each client with an account manager to cultivate meaningful client relationships. We believe this provides a rich customer service experience, ensuring that clients are known and their needs are met. This outreach serves to lower the COBRA participation rate while helping individuals and families find their best coverage option, truly a win-win! As we combine all of our services with our passion for helping individuals find their best health insurance, we are proud to offer, in the words of one of our clients, a "one stop shop."

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