OCA's COBRA Administrative Solution

The costs of failing to comply with COBRA can be staggering, including multiple, stacking penalties from governmental agencies as well as civil lawsuits from qualified beneficiaries. Different consequences flow from difference compliance failures and, of course, the amount of possible damages awarded in any particular case will depend on the circumstances of the qualified beneficiary (or beneficiaries) in the case. Qualified beneficiaries under nongovernmental plans may sue to recover COBRA coverage under ERISA, and those under govern- mental plans may sue for similar recovery under PHSA. Such suits carry the potential for large damages, which, in the case of an insured plan, might not be covered by the plan’s insurance. In addition to the standard ERISA penalties outlined at left, failure to provide adequate initial and election notices by a non governmental plan can create exposure to “other relief,” including extra-contractual damages. As in all suits under ERISA, the court is also permitted to award attorney’s fees and interests to the prevailing party.

Our COBRA solution provides the following:
-On Demand COBRA Administration Intelligence
-“Turn Key” Options
-Proof of COBRA Notice mailing
-Secure Data Storage
-Employer Support
-Participant Support
-Employee eligibility and status
-Election status
-Insurance plans, rates and carrier information
-Copies of customer invoices
-Premium payments
-Easy to use contact system
-Customized Data Integration and Reporting

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