A Comprehensive COBRA Administration and Compliance Solution

Let's face it, COBRA compliance can be overwhelming and even a little scary at times. Administering COBRA in-house is a time-consuming task when done correctly and an extremely risky endeavor when it's not. Even one small misstep can expose you to costly penalties, which is why you need a trusted partner to keep you compliant.

Our quality COBRA service delivers a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution to keep you worry-free. Flex takes care of the tracking, notifications, and billing, so that you can concentrate on other things. Plus, our easy-to-use employer portal and dedicated COBRA Specialists will ensure you that get all the information and answers you need.

Seamless COBRA Integration

We offer a variety of features and resources to make COBRA administration easy and hassle-free.

Efficient Plan Coordination
• From initial notices to online reporting, we’ve got you covered
• Flex ensures full compliance with federal COBRA regulations

First Class Service
• Dedicated customer service professionals
• Real-time online account access
• Direct access to COBRA experts for you and your plan participants

Simplified Web Access
• Add and delete employees and dependents
• Report qualifying events
• Generate ad-hoc reports

What’s Included?

• Send Notices - Generate and mail COBRA Initial Notices and COBRA Election Notices
• Payment Processing – Receive elections and process payments from COBRA participants
• Coverage Reinstatement – Notify carriers of the COBRA election and reinstate coverage
• COBRA Participant Portal – Online elections, open enrollment, and COBRA payments
• COBRA Coupons – Provide COBRA coupons to help participants make and manage payments
• Dedicated Customer Service – Experienced COBRA specialists available to answer questions and
provide assistance
• Open Enrollment Management – Handle all open enrollment tasks and notice requirements

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