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At ebm, our mission is to simplify benefits technology for brokers and employer groups nationwide. We understand that adding technology to the mix of the complex, ever-changing world of benefits can be overwhelming, so we’re here to guide you through it every step of the way. We deliver a range of solutions to help ease the administrative burden that is often placed on HR departments and account managers, and we won’t leave you hanging to figure it all out for yourself.

Service Pillars

Build: Hesitant about introducing a new technology into your organization? Put your worries aside. Our team will lead you through the implementation and handle the entire case build, including carrier connectivity and quality assurance testing. We take the time to get to know you so that your platform is configured just right.

Support: You’ll have a dedicated client service team assigned to you starting at the initial kickoff call. This team will remain attached to you to provide quick resolutions and ongoing support whenever you need it.

Maintain: As your organization evolves, you’ll need your solution to evolve with it. Whether you are introducing a new benefits strategy upon renewal, acquiring a new division, or implementing a change in company policy mid-year, we’re here to perform the necessary updates to your platform.

Train: We are passionate about the solutions we provide and we want you to be excited about using them too. As a result, we guide you through initial training sessions to get you comfortable with using the technology, along with unlimited ongoing training that’s personalized to your needs.

Technology Is Only as Good as the Team That Is Team That Is Behind It

When working with us, you’ll receive much more than a technology solution. Our goal is to form long-lasting relationships and to truly understand the ins and outs of your organization so that we can aptly support you while you focus on what it is that you do best.

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