CAS Commuter Benefits

When employers outsource their administration they should not be burdened with constant problems. They shouldn't worry if their service was provided timely or accurately. Employers should be at ease knowing they have selected an administrator that will go above and beyond to provide superior service to it's employees.

At Consolidated Admin Services, we are dedicated to you and all your employee benefit administration needs. Employers & Employees have CAS portal access with a dedicated account team.

CAS was established with one goal "SERVICE"!

Employers can easily manage their commuter benefits through their online account. And, with paper pass fulfillment as a thing of the past, employers simply have to track and manage payroll deductions.

Employees can quickly access their commuter (and health) benefits account from ONE platform. This means less confusion and more utilization. Plus, when they are on-the-go, they can quickly access their account using their mobile app.

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