HSA Management

As plan deductibles continue to rise on standard employer health plans, many employers are turning to HSAs with high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) to help contain costs.
Our HSA solution allows employees to:
● Store and view health care spending data in unique ways, to truly engage them in management of not only the HSA account, but awareness of what kind of health care expenses they are experiencing over time
● Manage cash accounts with integrated investment options. Threshold sweep levels are completely configurable, as well as investment selections within the investment platform.
● Choose secure, FDIC-insured deposits with HealthcareBank, a division of Bell State Bank & Trust, a $4 billion financial institution

● Convenient access to view real-time HSA cash and investment account balances, make HSA contributions, and request distributions through our mobile app and online consumer portal.
Also, our HSA solution will allow you, the sponsor of the HSA program, to:
● Process enrollments and contributions efficiently with easy-to-use import and recurring contribution processes
● Receive insightful data regarding the utilization of the HSA accounts in your employee population through trends reporting

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