Payroll: Your hidden database.

PrimePay’s all-in-one payroll, tax, and HR solution offers a 3-step system that is easy to use. HR managers prefer PrimePay’s time-saving online payroll interface over our competitors.

Brokers find our payroll reports helpful for compliance and benefit administration. Let us show you how payroll data can provide you with what you need to build a more consultative business approach.

Here are a few key features we will provide:
• Tax filing: Once payroll is done, so are taxes. PrimePay guarantees 100% tax compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
• Form W-2 and 1099 prep: PrimePay will guide businesses in preparing these necessary forms.
• Can offer integration with our ACA solution.
• Can offer integration with our Time & Labor Management solution.
• HR Advisory: All PrimePay clients have access to our comprehensive HR resource to help maintain compliance, for free!

Bonus: PrimePay also offers pre-tax benefits administration, COBRA, and more for a total employee management solution.

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PrimePay's Payroll Product is currently in beta testing.