Complete COBRA administration with PrimePay.

Does your client feel trapped by the complexity of compliance and federal regulations?

PrimePay can handle COBRA administration as well as communicate with the qualified beneficiary and insurance carriers of elections, changes, and terms to ease some of their administrative burden.

Through the data exchange with Employer Navigator's benefit portal, we will notify new members and qualified beneficiaries of their COBRA rights and track all dates. We will even handle the open enrollment with current COBRA participants.

Clients and their employees have access to COBRA account information and reports through the online portal. Brokers, you have a single sign-on for all groups. Plus, COBRA participants have access to their account online as well.

Our service promise reigns true, we offer a dedicated service team to help your clients with their COBRA obligations.

Bonus: We provide a COBRA procedures manual which is the first item requested during a DOL audit!