Pacific Life Vision powered by EyeMed offers comprehensive vision benefits that prioritize eye health and well-being, along with added savings and the freedom to choose any provider in the large EyeMed Insight® Network.

Large Vision Network

Pacific Life utilizes the EyeMed Insight Vision Network to ensure that members have choices – lots of them. Be it an independent eye doctor, popular retailer, or online option, with the Insight network employees get the latest in advanced vision technology. And with one of the largest provider networks in the nation, employees have the freedom to find one who fits their unique needs. Employees can see any provider but will save more when they go to an in-network provider.

Benefit Highlights

All Pacific Life Vision group plans offer:
• Yearly vision exam
• Low copays for eyeglass lenses including progressive lenses
• Allowances for frames and contact lenses

Added benefits covered in full with in-network providers include scratch-resistant coating, polycarbonate lenses for children under 19, and a diabetic exam every six months if diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
Pacific Life Vision, along with all Pacific Life Workforce Benefits products, is available on our 100% digital benefits ecosystem.

Vision Policy Form Series PLAVIPOL22 and PLAVICERT22

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