ConnectYourCare HSA and HSA On Demand Solutions

ConnectYourCare is the industry’s leading HSA expert, navigating employers through the transition to a cost-saving high-deductible only benefits plan design, or helping successfully drive adoption in an optional HSA offering.

With a ConnectYourCare HSA, employers can:
- Increase adoption of consumer-driven health plans and realize cost savings
- Alleviate compliance burdens and administrative overhead
- Give employees control over their own health care finances
- Create a more attractive benefits plan by distributing savings to employees’ HSAs

HSA On Demand: Drive adoption, mitigate risk, and save money

Employers, you want the best for your employees…including their benefits. But nowadays, it’s difficult to balance the cost of care against employee needs.

This is where HSA On Demand from ConnectYourCare is revolutionizing the market, because it provides a safety net for employees to cover their out-of-pocket expenses—allowing organizations to move more of their population to high deductible health care plans at a lower cost to them.

Through HSA On Demand, HSA contributions are accelerated anytime an employee needs to cover qualified expenses that exceed their HSA balance—especially at the beginning of the plan year when balances are usually low. These accelerated amounts then come back to the employer through future payroll contributions. This safety net for unexpected costs encourages adoption and offers peace of mind.

HSA On Demand Advantages:
- 2X enrollment increase in high deductible health plans with HSA On Demand versus traditional HSA
- Fully compliant with IRS requirements and a trusted solution embraced by leading American companies
- Drives enrollment into lower-cost plans, reduces premium costs, cuts FICA taxes, and improves cash flow

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