Why Offer Legal Resources to Your Employees?

Legal Resources works with over 900 employer groups and serves their employees nationwide, providing unmatched law firm quality, coverage, and service to our members - all for an annual cost about equal to just one hour of an attorney's time. Let us work with you to offer one of the best employee benefits around.

Advantages over other legal plans:

-100% coverage - we offer more "fully covered" services than most other legal plans, meaning that the employee or "member" pays no attorney fees for the service
-Participating employees pay no attorney fees, co-pays, or deductibles for fully covered services
-No annual usage limitations or hourly caps on coverage (Many other legal plans limit the number of times you can use a service or contact an attorney annually.)
-Coverage for pre-existing legal matters is provided at a 25% discount
-All qualifying dependent family members are covered at no additional cost
-Our Member Services Department is staffed by certified paralegals to answer coverage or law firm questions
-No waiting period for coverage
-Access to over 13,000 attorneys nationwide
-Identity theft prevention education and restoration assistance included with our legal services plans at no additional cost
-No "gate keeper" to pre-approve coverage (Participating employees contact and work with their law firm directly.)

Employer Advantages

-Legal Resources is one of the easiest benefits to set up and administer for a Human Resources staff.
-No risk to the employer group (The plan can never be used in a complaint against an employer.)
-All employers are assigned a dedicated account service team, led by an Account Manager. The Account Manager lives and works in the same local area as the employer's corporate offices and works with your staff in person to conduct enrollment in a way that is most effective for the employer group
-During enrollment, your Account Manager will provide all the tools and resources to ensure employees understand the plan and can make informed choices about participating
-No implementation costs for employer
-No minimum participation levels
-Benefit is paid for 100% by the participating employee

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