The benefit that helps employees save and invest in their health care

EBC’s HSA is a tax-advantaged health savings account (HSA) that offers participants the flexibility to spend, save, or invest their HSA funds. Whether participants choose to spend their funds on eligible expenses or save and invest their HSA funds, they will receive tax-free savings that can assist them on their road to financial wellness.

Plan Features
• No minimum account balance and low banking fees for participants
• Variety of ways to access HSA funds including EBC’s Benefits Card and online payments to providers or participants
• High-yield interest option so participants can earn more on their HSA cash balances
• Intuitive investment platform with more than 500 investment options where participants can tailor their investment journey to fit their individual needs and experience level
• Smart technology allows all account-based products to be loaded onto one Benefits Card
• Compatible with limited health flexible spending account (FSA) and limited health reimbursement arrangement (HRA)
• Compliance support for HSA-compatible FSA and HRA plan designs

Investment Opportunities
Our HSA offers a modern and personalized investment experience that helps participants work toward their long-term financial goals. Whether they are new to investing and are looking for a guided experience or are seasoned investors looking to research and trade stocks and ETFs, participants will have the tools available to build wealth and save for retirement.

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