Whole Life Insurance

This is life insurance coverage designed to provide lifetime coverage. The death benefit and policy premium are fixed and unlike term insurance, this coverage has a cash value which accumulates over time. The cash value varies according to the insurer's investment earnings and cannot be computed in advance beyond the guaranteed minimums. The coverage may also be eligible for policy loans. It is sometimes referred to as permanent or whole life insurance and the premiums are typically higher than term insurance.

• Affordable, flexible protection - You choose the amount of insurance or the amount of premium that best suits your needs and budget
• Guaranteed benefits - Guaranteed premiums, benefits, and values for the entire life of the policy!
• Constant coverage worldwide -You’re covered 24/7, no matter where you are
• Policy values - As long as premiums are paid, your policy will accumulate cash value over the years
• Benefits you can keep - Take your coverage with you and pay on your own if you leave your job or retire

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