APL Cancer, MEDlink® Gap, Everyday Solutions and Hospital Indemnity Insurance

APL Cancer Insurance
Choose the benefits and amounts to create a completely customized plan that meets the individual needs of your groups.

Common benefits may include
• First occurrence for internal cancer
• Chemotherapy and radiation
• Experimental treatment
• Surgery

Less common benefits available
• Family transportation and lodging
• Hairpiece benefit
• Outpatient nursing services
• Heart attack and stroke

Plus, APL Cancer Insurance offers
• Certain benefit amounts refresh year over year
• Takeover
• Age-banded or composite rating
• Incredible flexibility - benefits can be included/excluded
• Portability available and can survive the master contract
• Filed to use with employer groups, associations and unions


APL MEDlink® Gap insurance
MEDlink® is a true gap plan, not just a regular hospital indemnity or accident plan referred to as a “gap” plan. Our gap insurance is customizable to align with the underlying major medical out-of-pocket expenses.

APL’s MEDlink® Gap insurance provides
• Opportunities to explore additional major medical options
• Combined or separate benefit buckets
• Outpatient benefits up to 100% of the inpatient amount
• ID cards for insureds – benefits can easily be assigned to the provider
• No-deductible plans
• No Pre-existing limitations
• Help for out-of-pocket medical expenses

Plus, APL MEDlink® Gap offers
• Incredible flexibility - benefits can be included/excluded
• Guarantee issue when participation requirements are met


APL Hospital Indemnity Insurance
Start with a Hospital Admission benefit then choose from a wide variety of additional inpatient and outpatient benefits.

• Add as much or as little as you want by selecting the days and dollar amounts for each benefit
• HSA-compatible plans or use without a

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