APL Critical Illness Insurance

Choose from over 60 critical illness conditions with ultimate flexibility.

Also choose from:
• Treatment benefits including hospital confinement, hospice, ambulance, second opinion and repatriation resulting from a covered critical illness
• Non-local transportation and lodging
• Infectious Disease Diagnosis Benefit
• Wellness Benefits including health screening, mammography, vaccine and family caregiver benefit
• Additional benefits including genetic testing, mental health and will preparation
• Automatic Increase Feature - benefits increase each year without a claim (up to 10 years) by 5-25%
• No lifetime limit

Plus, APL Critical Illness Insurance offers
• Additional Occurrence and Recurrence benefits available
• Attained age or issue age rates
• Age-banded or composite rating
• Continuation of Coverage always included
• Portability available and can survive the master contract
• Filed to use with employer groups, associations and unions


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