YIG Administration are experts in the Identity Theft benefits solutions industry

As a broker, HR, or benefits professional, the identity theft protection services (IDTPS) arena is vast and extremely confusing. You most likely do not want to become an expert in identity theft protection or the many companies that even offer these types of protection services.

The services offered are complex and many times can overlap one another – while at the same time, being proprietary to one specific carrier. YIG works with several identity theft protection companies to help you find the best fit for your company or client.

We always set the right expectations and strive to over deliver on all of our promises

With a variety of carriers we work with, we have come across most situations that can occur. These issues can be as simple as answering an employee’s questions regarding the product or as complex as finding a technological solution to secure data transfer. Our dynamic approach to problem solving is second to none with the ability to respond quickly therefore allowing your H.R. specialist to concentrate on what matters most, your human capital, rather than be mired in endless administrative responsibilities. Our goal is to ensure we provide solutions promptly and effectively.

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