Commuter Benefits

Commuter Administration

A Commuter Benefits plan apportions pre-tax dollars for parking at work and transportation to and from work. Enrolled employees can apply funds to any pass, token, fare card, voucher, or any other valid means of using public transportation to travel to and from work.

• Card Management of National Transit Authorities: ThrivePass’ card will ensure ineligible expenses are not incidentally incurred due to our management of terminal restricted.
• Parking Claims: For Parking plans, participants can use their debit card, or file a claim for out-of-pocket parking expenses.
• Eligible Providers for Transit Administration: A list of terminal-restricted eligible transit providers is maintained, and only debit card purchases for actual transit fares are permitted.
• Stackable, Multipurpose Debit Cards make managing funds across any FSA, HSA, HRA or Commuter account simple and easy.

ThrivePass provides comprehensive Commuter administration services including customer service, enrollment, claim adjudication and participant reimbursement. Participant claims submitted manually are reviewed, entered into our system and audited daily. Account processing and mailing of checks and/or direct deposits are done on a pre-determined schedule.

When participants are enrolled following the annual enrollment period or when new participants are added during the plan year, they are provided with a letter that gives them instructions to access their personalized portal. The portal gives them 24/7 access to their account and educational information.

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