TASC FlexSystem FSA

FlexSystem FSA Participants need an easy way to handle healthcare and dependent
care expenses and the TASC Card provides it. Participants can use our prepaid
Mastercard® at point of purchase to pay for eligible FSA expenses. Doctor’s co-pay?
Prescriptions? Daycare? With a simple swipe of the TASC Card Participants pay qualifying
expenses directly from their FlexSystem balance. No need to request a reimbursement.

And when they need reimbursements, Participants don’t have to wait for a paper
check or direct deposit to their bank. Reimbursements are automatically loaded
into the card’s MyCash account and held separately from FSA dollars. MyCash
can be used for any type of purchase where Mastercard is accepted. They can also withdraw
MyCash funds via an ATM, making the TASC Card a cash card AND a benefits

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