COBRA keeping you up at night? Worried you may have missed something, or not be in compliance?

Turn it over to us and focus your energy in other areas. Let us worry about the complexity of COBRA rules, regulation and compliance. It’s our job to know the law, and we want to take that off your already busy plate. We will administer your COBRA, help keep you compliant, and provide outstanding service all along the way. Connect with us today!

Rocky Mountain Reserve offers COBRA, retiree billing, premium billing services, and Cafeteria plan administration as well. Check us out today!

Summary of Plan Services – COBRA Administration

• Consultation and review of existing COBRA documents, notices, and current health plan provisions to coordinate accurate compliance with plan administration
• Managing of a COBRA database for each client
• General COBRA notice to new hires and newly covered members
• Provide online access enabling the client to initiate a COBRA qualifying event
• Management and distribution of all COBRA election notices
• Qualifying Event notification mailing by first class mail
• Electronically track all COBRA communications
• Processing of COBRA elections
• Oversee the collection of COBRA premiums from participants and transmit premiums to the client for payment to the insurer
• Prepare and disburse the HIPAA Certificate of Creditable Coverage to participants at the completion of their COBRA coverage
• Real-time and monthly participant status reports

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