Erase COBRA Worries With Our EN Integration

COBRACompli allows you to:

1) Care for Customers and Grow Your Business
2) Save Time, Stress & Money Through Our EN Integration
3) Prevent Costly Mistakes

Count on COBRACompli to handle the administrative details such as:

* Send required correspondence to qualified employees
* Tracking dates
* Collecting premium payments
* Communicating enrollments to carriers
* Removing terminated employees from coverage

In addition we also provide a team of experts that help you navigate intricate COBRA rules:

* Easy-to-understand, precise guidance tailored for your business objectives, workforce and situation
* Help when you need it
* Convenient, secure online access for you and the participants
* Monitoring of changes in COBRA regulations
* Rapid system and process updates to address COBRA legislation changes
* Reports on all COBRA Activity

Count on us to help start and run a new COBRA administration program - Or manage an existing program. You can rely on COBRACompli to handle the complex details that often drain your time. It frees you to handle what really matters to your business.

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