MASA MTS Membership Plans

MASA MTS offers two cost-effective memberships. While our critical benefits are included in both memberships, Platinum members enjoy nine additional services.

MASA MTS’ Emergent Plus membership shields our members from outrageous ambulance bills. Thanks to the core group of benefits which include Emergent Air and Ground Transportation, Non-Emergent Transportation, and Recuperation/Repatriation, financial stability is protected in the event of emergency transportation. Without these benefits, you could end up paying tens of thousands of dollars after an accident. MASA MTS allows you to achieve the ultimate peace of mind, knowing that the gaps in your health insurance won’t lead to bankruptcy.

MASA MTS’ Platinum membership is the standard in emergency transportation coverage. Aside from covering you and all children under the age of 26, this membership provides ultimate peace of mind. Think of it like a dedicated team of financial defenders, protecting your family from surprise charges, greedy billing and the hidden gaps in your monthly health insurance.

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