Protection from Ground & Air Ambulance Bills

When emergencies happen, you rarely have any control over who renders services. And, you have no
time to worry about whether an ambulance is in your health plan's network. Fortunately, there is a
solution: MASA MTS provides the ultimate peace of mind if you ever require emergency ground or air
ambulance transportation service within the continental United States, and while traveling in Canada,
regardless of whether the provider is in or out of a given group healthcare benefits network. After the
group health plan pays its portion, MASA works with providers to make certain our Members have no
out-of-pocket expenses for emergency ambulance transportation assistance and other related services.
This includes coverage for any required copays or deductibles. As a result, you never need to worry
about how you'll pay for this crucial transportation. With over 2 million members, MASA MTS delivers
added coverage when needed most.


Your Health Insurance May Be Leaving You Exposed

Many people assume that their health insurance plan will cover emergency transportation.
Unfortunately, huge gaps exist in most group insurance plans, which can leave you exposed to
unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. For instance, there are over 23,000 EMS* agencies in the United
States, yet your health insurance policy may only cover specific in-network providers. Furthermore,
health insurance policies will only pay for an ambulance trip deemed "Medically Necessary." Suppose
you're lucky enough to get picked up by an in-network ambulance, and your claim is accepted by
insurance. In that case, that's great…but…they will only pay a set amount based on the established
"Usual, Customary and Reasonable Rates." If your emergency transport bill exceeds that amount, which
is often the case, you will be on the hook for the remainder. And, even if your bills fall within acceptable
rates, most insurance plans have copays and deductibles. That's a lot of "ifs"!. A membership with MASA
MTS covers all emergency transportation providers within the continental United States and while
traveling in Canada, regardless of networks, the reason for the trip or amounts charged, and covers
copays and deductibles.

Source: 2020 National EMS Assessment*


I have insurance, so how can I end up paying for emergency transportation?

According to a recent Consumer Reports Article, there is a 79% chance you could be responsible for a
large portion of an emergency transportation bill. Even if health insurance covers part of your bill, there
are many scenarios where they may not cover the total cost. For example, the ambulance that picks you
up may be out-of-network, the reason for your trip may not be deemed a medical necessity for
emergency transportation, or you might still have to meet your health insurance deductible. With MASA
MTS on your side, you are covered for these potential scenarios.

What does "in-network" mean?

There are thousands of ambulance companies operating in the United States. Cities and states run some
companies; local or national companies run others. Most insurance plans only cover in-network
ambulance companies, meaning those companies that have negotiated special rates and services with
your insurance provider. Even if you're heading to an in-network hospital, the ambulance itself could be
out-of-network, meaning that you may have to pay for some or all their services. MASA MTS works with
ambulance companies operating in the continental United States and Canada, meaning that you will be
protected from out-of-pocket expenses, regardless of which ambulance picks you up, regardless of the
benefits network.

Which ambulance company can MASA MTS Members use?

MASA MTS works with all emergency transportation providers in the continental United States and
Canada. In an emergency, call 911 and get yourself or your loved one to the hospital. When you get
the bill from the ambulance company, send it to MASA MTS, and our team will start working on your

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