It's more than COBRA, we anticipate departing employees' needs.

As a best-in-class COBRA administrator, we leverage our attorneys and brokers to provide advanced support for employers and employees. But we take it a big step further than just that. Every departing employee should have a soft landing. That's why we don't just send COBRA documents, we create off-boarding solutions.

Our compassionate and supportive service keeps departing employees from feeling abandoned during a disruptive time in their lives. We evaluate marketplace, as well as free and subsidized plans that employees may qualify for to make it easy to compare with COBRA. We provide them with personalized guidance and tools to make more informed financial decisions.

Best of all, our pricing is straightforward. We don't have any implementation fees, maintenance fees, or minimum fees. Our prices range from $0.25-$0.65. Reach out to learn more.

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