Change the Benefits Conversation with HealthJoy

HealthJoy combines artificial intelligence technology, a team of expert advocates and online doctors, and an ecosystem of resources to simplify benefits guide members to better decisions for their health and wallet, and your company’s bottom line.

HealthJoy provides a central location and a simple experience for members to access all their benefits. Whether researching a procedure, connecting with a specialist or virtual doctor, lowering prescription costs, or reviewing a medical bill, members simply chat with JOY, their intelligent virtual assistant, available 24/7 via the HealthJoy mobile app — no more searching through paper enrollment packets or carrier websites for information. JOY is supported by HealthJoy’s expert concierge team for more complex questions, and integrates plan and dependent information so every recommendation is personalized to each member’s needs.

For companies, HealthJoy saves valuable time often wasted answering questions for employees confused about their benefits. The platform helps HR teams engage with members via text or push notification and delivers real insights and ROI through comprehensive utilization and cost savings reports.

Limited availability in Utah, upstate NY, and Tennessee. Please contact HealthJoy for more information.

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