What you need to know about EMI Health

Let’s be honest here. You don’t need to know that we’ve been around for 80 years or how eloquently we can weave in the words innovation, synergy, and optimization.
You do need to know that we have the experience you’re looking for and we fight to lower costs for the groups that trust us with their benefits. You need to know that we are here for brokers that are sick of delivering the painful news that their groups are getting huge rate increases from their insurance carriers. We are here for groups that are tired of being forced into plans that don’t give them or their employees the coverage they want.
EMI Health gives brokers and groups an option that allows groups to spread their risk so the group can rely on more stable renewals.
We focus on medical, dental, and vision insurance products in Utah, Arizona and Texas.
We are always here if you want to learn more about how you can take advantage of what we offer.

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