Why Davis Vision?

Protocols for vision services, from routine eye exams to surgeries, change at a rapid pace. At Davis Vision, the only focus is monitoring and acting on these changes to provide vision solutions that ensure quality and appropriateness of care.

Americans who have vision coverage are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle. Annual eye exams and corrective eyewear, including frames and lenses, are at the core of our services.

Members have easy access to quality care through a broad network of doctors and staff in a range of settings – from local, independent eye care providers to large retail optical chains. We are determined to make eye care accessible for everyone.

The benefits you provide to your employees can be linked to company loyalty, workplace satisfaction, and the intent to stay with your company, so we understand the need to deliver benefits that offer the greatest value and quality of care. Davis Vision has you covered.

Coverage from Davis Vision includes routine eye exams and corrective eyewear, including frames, lenses, and contact lenses as well as:

-A large network of value-driven coverage with over 97,000 nationwide points of access
-Eyewear options to suit every family member and lifestyle, including fully covered and low-cost frame
options for all plans
-Mobile-friendly apps and support
-98% in-network utilization
-97% member satisfaction and customer retention
-LASIK and hearing aid discounts

Your customers can access quality eye care and depend on a seamless experience through plans that offer comprehensive vision care benefits at both individual and organizational levels.

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