The Code SixFour Benefits Consulting Cloud - Technology & Content

The Benefits Consulting Cloud is comprised of two components: The Technology Platform and Content Packages.
Technology Platform - The engine powering The Benefits Consulting Cloud. Our innovative solution provides data management, administration, and automation of the content, using the following built-in capabilities:

* Cloud-Based Plan Library
* Benefit Booklet Builder
* Automated Custom Reports
* What-If Scenario Modeling
* Fee-for-Service Calculator
* Data Integrations

Content Packages - The resources, collateral, and templates that our users leverage within the Technology Platform. We partner with agencies to manage and automate their existing intellectual property, and also license materials built by our team in-house. Our license content includes:

* Consultative Sales Content
* Ancillary & Voluntary Content
* Benchmarking Content
* Self-Funded Content
* Employee Survey Content
* Compliance Content
* Employee Communication Content

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