AIP Pro Plus

Your identity is more than your Social Security number and credit score. Allstate Identity Protection helps you protect your identity and finances with comprehensive monitoring and advanced tools designed to help you stay safe. If fraud occurs, you can rely on our full service remediation and restoration, plus our up to $1 million identity theft expense reimbursement† covers many out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and legal fees.

Identity Protection:
• Rapid alerts
• Allstate Security Pro emerging threat alerts
• High-risk transaction monitoring
• Sex offender alerts
• Credit and debit card monitoring
• Bank account transaction monitoring
• 401(k) and HSA account monitoring
• Financial transaction monitoring
• Lost wallet assistance
• Dark web monitoring
• Compromised credentials
• Deceased family member coverage†
• Mobile app with biometric authentication security
• Protection for family (“under roof, under wallet”)
• Senior family coverage for parents, in-laws, and grandparents ages 65+
• Social media monitoring
• IP address monitoring

• Credit score tracking
• Unlimited Transunion credit scores
• Credit freeze assistance
• Tri-bureau credit monitoring
• Credit lock (adults & minors)
• Annual tri-bureau report and score
• Credit report disputes


• U.S.-based, 24/7 customer care
• Full-service remediation support
• Specialized unemployment fraud support
• Up to $1 million identity theft expense reimbursement†
- Stolen fund reimbursement
- Stolen tax refund advance
- 401(k)/HSA fraud reimbursement†
- Deceased family member fraud expense reimbursement†
- Home title fraud expense reimbursement†
- Professional fraud expense reimbursement†
- Stolen wallet emergency cash

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