Employee Navigator is benefits, HR and compliance
software for brokers and their clients

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Introducing Employee Navigator

Simple Plan Set-up

Set up plans fast -- Get your plans built and up and running in hours, not weeks. Looking to build a private exchange or need a rules engine? ... We have you covered.

Powerful HR Services

Easily consolidate multiple HR tasks into a simple and intuitive platform that will allow you to spend less time on paper work and more time supporting business growth.

Revolutionary Pricing

Big company features ... small company price. Our customizable and flexible platform lets you easily manage a private exchange or 20 person coffee shop.

Brokers need tools -- our toolbox is pretty awesome

Software that grows with you

We've created simple tools for basic problems and have designed elegant software for more demanding requirements.

Built by insurance folks

We speak insurance and our software shows it. Whether it's EOI tracking or HSA's, we've designed our system to be practical and functional.

Improve retention & sales

Relationships aren't enough to win and keep business. Brokers need to provide a comprehensive technology solution that can be tailored to each company.

Connect with customers

Connect employees, HR and your agency to a single platform and improve communication. We've built the system, all you need to do is provide the service.

Our software is packed with features to help organize and automate HR


Your employees will love HR ... Ditch the paper and modernize your corporate communication campaigns with HR self-service ... your employees have been waiting for this.

The paper trail

Our change tracking helps substantiate compliance, reduces corporate liabilities and itemizes tasks for your employees.


Ramp up your new employees with an onboarding system that is easy for HR to set-up and even easier for employees to use.

Employees need information -- Deliver it with Employee Navigator

One-stop for Employees

Increase awareness by posting corporate policies and forms in one easy-to-access portal which HR can update.

Extend HR's Reach

Put your HR department in the hand of each employee with Employee Navigator's mobile app.

Enroll in Benefits

Put employees in the driver's seat with online enrollment. They'll never have to fill out paper again.