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Unum launches Plan Build Guide to reduce plan setup time for brokers

Integrated Partners
Mar 4, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Unum is the first carrier to launch a Plan Build Guide with Employee Navigator. The new feature expands on the current integration and will significantly reduce plan setup times for Unum products, making it easier for brokers to complete client builds.

Building a plan on Employee Navigator typically entails reading through up to six different plan documents to find policy info, benefit details, rounding rules, eligibility rules, and more. This process can be made more difficult when plan details are not available in plan documents, requiring a call to the carrier rep.

The new Unum Plan Build Guide solves this problem by giving brokers a single document that contains all the details they need to build a plan in Employee Navigator. In addition, this single document is organized in the order in which brokers need the information, thus removing all the guess work and allowing plans to be built in minutes.

“Over the long-term we expect a majority of plan builds on Employee Navigator to be automated and we’re excited about the progress our team has made with Unum on that front,” said Employee Navigator CEO, George Reese. “This new Plan Build Guide gives brokers an important new tool in their tool belt to significantly reduce plan setup times on Employee Navigator and improve data quality. With the new Plan Build Guide brokers can get a plan setup in Employee Navigator in under five minutes. We believe this is the type of innovation brokers are looking for from their insurance carrier partners and are thrilled to launch this functionality with Unum.”

The new Plan Build Guide is available for brokers today. Contact your local Unum sales rep or visit to learn more.