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UnitedHealthcare and Employee Navigator Integration is Now Live with New Capabilities

Integrated Partners
Oct 24, 2022

Employee Navigator is excited to announce the general release of UnitedHealthcare’s market leading enrollment integration as well as new capabilities designed to improve the management of UnitedHealthcare’s products for insurance brokers and employers.

The new capabilities which will be available for no additional cost, include: 

  • Employee Navigator’s enrollment integration:  Live
  • Online error reports:  Live
  • An innovative new Policy API: Q1 2023

The enrollment integration supports the full suite of UnitedHealthcare benefits and is growing rapidly with over 1,500 companies and 50,000+ active employees currently integrated. The integration automates enrollment management between Employee Navigator and UnitedHealthcare, while also giving brokers and HR a consolidated way to view and manage any ongoing errors.

The Policy API is designed to help brokers reduce the amount of time they spend setting up UnitedHealthcare benefits in Employee Navigator. We know the time required to set up companies and plans is a primary obstacle preventing brokers from digitizing their book of business. This innovative security and API approach will reduce setup processes that previously took hours down to mere minutes by making it easier to load UnitedHealthcare benefit and company data directly into Employee Navigator. Our goal is to help brokers more easily digitize their book of business and drive additional agency revenue by offering a more robust set of benefits to all their customers.

“We have been collaborating with UnitedHealthcare for 3 years to deliver a scalable enrollment integration for brokers and HR,” said George Reese, Employee Navigator Founder and CEO. “This integration is completely aligned with our vision for a better benefits administration experience.  We could not have found a better partner in UnitedHealthcare to work towards that vision. Most importantly, we have stress tested the integration with over 1,000 beta companies, and while there will be bumps along the way, rest assured that the quality of the integration remains a core principle of Employee Navigator.”

What groups sizes and products are supported?

UnitedHealthcare’s small group platforms, Prime and USP, support medical, dental, vision, basic life, and disability for groups under 100. UnitedHealthcare’s FACETS platform supports life and disability products as well as critical illness, accident, and hospital indemnity for groups 51+.

Are there any integration limitations?

UnitedHealthcare requires an average of two specialty (non-medical) products across a broker’s integrated customers.  

For full details on the UnitedHealthcare integration our customers can visit Employee Navigator’s Support Site.