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Paragon Partners realized a 90% reduction in workload with UnitedHealthcare & Employee Navigator

Case Study
Mar 3, 2024


For over 30 years, Paragon Partners, has been supporting their broker partners and “redefining what a General Agency is and should be.” By adding Employee Navigator to their tool belt seven years ago, Paragon Partners, headquartered in Arizona, introduced a new level of service made possible through modern technology and increased automation. Instead of acting as an administrative back office for their customers Paragon Partners has been able to provide a modern connected digital benefits experience.

The General Agency recently implemented a new integration with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) to automatically send enrollments from Employee Navigator to UHC. “Employee Navigator sends enrollments to UnitedHealthcare without our involvement, and we’ve been able to significantly reduce manual workloads internally.”

“Employee Navigator sends enrollments to UnitedHealthcare without our involvement, and we’ve been able to significantly reduce manual workloads internally. It’s one less responsibility.” — Paragon Partners

Finding Efficiency in Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can be stressful and time-consuming with an overwhelming number of new enrollments and renewals in a short period of time. “Open enrollment has always been a concern. If somebody is missing, the integration provides us with a timeline to track when an employee made an election or if someone else made changes. This brings a level of accountability we didn’t have before,” said Paragon Partners.

Instead of manually sending the enrollments to UHC, Paragon Partners lets the integration handle it. Once a UHC enrollment has been completed, the information is sent directly to the carrier. Paragon Partners details that “the integration is much more efficient because of the timely manner in which the enrollment is transmitted.” Brokers working with Paragon Partners are granted peace of mind knowing that the enrollments are being sent from Employee Navigator to UHC as soon as the employee clicks save.

“We encourage all small groups to leverage Employee Navigator’s integrations.” — Paragon Partners


Paragon Partners felt the significant difference in workload by moving to the UHC integration. “Open enrollments run much smoother and groups with a lot of out-of-state employees are able to communicate New Hire and Open Enrollment enrollments much more efficiently.” With the integration, Paragon Partners can eliminate one of the biggest tasks on a broker’s to-do list — manually submitting enrollments to carriers.

The combination of Employee Navigator and its integration with UHC increases efficiency for brokers and HR, reduces the possibility of human error, and saves everyone involved valuable time and money. It’s the perfect trio to have in your back pocket as open enrollment kicks off. Paragon Partners said it best, if the integration was non-existent, life would be “painful.”

“It is a 90% improvement for administration when it comes to a workload on a daily basis.” — Paragon Partners