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Open Enrollment: Exchange Management

Best Practices and Strategy
Sep 17, 2019

This installment of our Open Enrollment series explores the Carrier Data Exchange, providing tips you can use to manage enrollments with ease and efficiency.

Getting enrollment data out to the correct partner requires planning and communication. Thankfully, our team is here with some insight:

Prior to OE

Make sure you gather adequate data, while also organizing timelines and which plans need to be built or renewed.

Cafeteria and COBRA

For Cafeteria, exclude any plans that the connected TPA does not administer.  In addition, ensure any adjustments to employee elections and payroll calendars are complete prior to the conclusion of enrollment.

It is important to inform COBRA/TPA when you renew plans, while also completing any necessary paperwork.  Exclude a plan if the client does not offer COBRA on it.

Carrier Data Exchange

Communicate your Open Enrollment dates and drops if broker instructions require them.  Then, update carrier required structural elements.  It is also important to review bills for accuracy.

Click here to read carrier-specific broker instructions.

834 EDI

A note on the 834 EDI: Each carrier is special in their processes, even within their various branches.  Reach out to an EDI analyst to review timelines and specific details they expect to see on the file when it is sent over.

Communicate, Set, Visit:

  • Communicate with integrated partners—this cannot be understated!
  • Set timelines to smooth out the process.
  • Visit our support site.

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