Say goodbye to entering in employee data into two systems! Payroll service providers connected via Employee Navigator’s proprietary API share basic employee data and deductions in real-time with payroll partners. After a few years of collecting data, we've determined that the payroll integration is saving HR Users, on average, 21 hours of manual entry per month.

Call one of Employee Navigator’s integrated providers today to learn how the administration of HR and benefits has been simplified!

For detailed information before requesting an integration, please visit our Knowledge Base. A few things to keep in mind prior to initiating a connection:
- You cannot begin an integration process if the group is within 30 days of their new policy year. If a request is completed within this timeframe, the group must update their newly effective deductions for the new plan year in Payroll before they can begin the integration.
- Each provider exchanges specific demographic data. Refer to their Partner User Guides for details.

Participating Payroll Partners