ManhattanLife Quick Case Voluntary Benefits Offer

ManhattanLife is one of the oldest insurance companies in America. Since 1850 we have stood by policyholders with diligence and compassion. Year after year and decade after decade, we have demonstrated our commitment to honoring claims and processing them with professionalism and care.

Quick Case from ManhattanLife - Simple, Fast and Easy.........
ManhattanLife's Quick Case Offer is a powerful, turnkey solution for adding the most popular workplace
voluntary benefits product offerings on a guarantee issue* basis for employees and their families. ManhattanLife is also keeping the administration services simple to help you deliver added value with enrollment through Employee Navigator, and continued operational support excellence.
Quick Case products include:
• Accident
• Critical Illness
• Hospital Indemnity
• Level Term Life
Quick Case product offerings are positioned to help employees address commonly unmet financial needs and offer an excellent complement to other employer-sponsored health and wellness initiatives.

ManhattanLife Voluntary Benefits

Introducing ManhattanLife Voluntary Benefits, a suite of products brought to you by ManhattanLife. We are proud to welcome you to our family of products, designed to complement your clients’ benefit packages.
A suite of voluntary benefit products that include:
 Accident
 Critical Illness
 Hospital Indemnity
 Disability Income Plus
 Term Life
 Whole Life

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