Norton LifeLock Benefit Solutions

LifeLock™ with Norton™ Benefit Plans help protect your digital life by combining leading identity theft protection, device security, and more, in an always-connected world. These plans are enhanced and exclusive, with features and pricing only available through your employer.

Everyday things like online shopping, banking and even browsing can expose personal information and make you vulnerable to cybercriminals and identity theft. LifeLock helps monitor your personal accounts and sends you alerts† if they detect potential threats to your identity. If you should become a victim of identity theft, we’ll work to resolve it. Norton’s multi-layered, advanced security helps protect against existing and emerging malware threats to your devices and helps protect your private and financial information when you go online.

Trust an employee benefit from brands who’ve been leaders in identity theft protection and cyber security. It’s the kind of forward-thinking that combines leading identity theft protection and device security against online threats, at home and on-the-go.

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