At iTEDIUM, Inc. (formerly known as COBRAGuard), it is our mission to help you save time and money, while providing top of the line service to minimize risk and liability. We integrate proven technology-driven processes and programs into the work stream of the organizations we serve. Integrating with Employee Navigator aligns with our mission.

Administering COBRA can be stressful, but with 20+ years of experience, our team at iTEDIUM is here to make your life easier! Our automated web-based proprietary COBRA software, COBRATrak™, has seen it all from small companies to complex organizations with thousands of employees and multiple locations. Our team and systems are committed to providing the most accurate COBRA administrative services available by giving you the tools to control the ever-changing world of benefits administration.

Services Provided

• COBRA rights for support staff employees
• Access to an Account Management Team
• Phone support to COBRA active & pending members
• Administer and process qualifying events to qualified members and their beneficiaries (dependents)
• Provide newly eligible employees with initial notices
• Printing, mailing, and distribution of all required notifications under COBRA
• Provide annual enrollment support
• Provide rate change notifications
• Process COBRA elections, cancellations, and terminations
• Invoice COBRA participants on a monthly basis
• Premium collection via secure lockbox, ACH, Credit Card
• Remit premium fees to the client or designated carrier(s)
• Coordinate COBRA events with specific carriers
• Digital imaging of participant correspondence
• Provide COBRA members 24/7 access to a dedicated member site through
• Provide clients with 24/7 access to the system
• Automated Notification of COBRA Elections and/or Termination of COBRA Participants
• Standard reporting package

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