Transform your employee experience.

Share & Perform is the human capital management system that transforms your employees’ experience!

Deliver a better work life with a solution designed to improve the culture and engagement at your organization – all with the foundation of the mission-critical tools of payroll, time and attendance, and benefits.

• A lively feed wall to stay aligned across functions and locations while talking, collaborating, and keeping up with colleagues and projects.

• A personalized dashboard that keeps the most important information right where you need it.

• Pulse surveys, designed to find out what a specific individual, group, or function is
thinking and feeling about a particular situation or project.

• Crowdsourcing ideas and watching as good ones take off and go viral with up votes from the entire organization.

• Tools to share ideas and knowledge with other employees across the organization.

• Praise for team members who have outstanding performance. Don’t wait for the annual performance review or quarterly staff meeting to praise your employees who are performing well.

• Rewards and recognition tools that allow your team members to rack up points when they collaborate, share, and help one another. If you want to take the recognition to the next level, award cool stuff to your
employees when they achieve true status.

• Gamification elements to keep employees engaged and excited about interacting with one another and
moving up the leaderboard.

• Interactive org charts, which provide in-depth insights into the organization’s structure and flow, as
well as help employees understand their reporting structure and the structure of those around them.

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