HRPro understands that administering COBRA is a headache that you would rather avoid investing your time and resources in. Employers know that COBRA is best left to the experts so that they can focus on more important things, like building a strong organization and effective employee relationships.

If you lack the time, manpower, or expertise, count on HRPro to simply, efficiently and cost-effectively manage your COBRA administration. Whatever your size – small, medium or large – HRPro can help take the COBRA burden away!

COBRA Administration with HRPro will help you:
- Manage administrative costs
- Become compliant therefore reducing the risk of penalties and fines
- Save time, money and manpower by eliminating the COBRA headache!

We establish and maintain a fully compliant COBRA administration plan for our clients. Our exceptional service allows employers to save money and focus on other areas of their business without the worry of compliance or other issues. Our COBRA representatives are available to provide the expertise required for any situation as we stay current on regulatory changes. Our online access provides employers, continuants and benefit administrators a way to track COBRA activity at all times.

Our services include:
* Account/plan setup
* Initial notification letters: New hires beginning at effective date
* Monthly premium billing and collection
* Monthly & online reports
* Takeover of QE’s
* Consultation/support for employers/employees
* Web based Interface
* Maintenance of databases
* All required COBRA letters
* Enrollment and eligibility processing
* Data archiving
* Terminated employees support
* Open enrollment packages (if requested)
* Standard postage and printing

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