Our promise is simple: we want people to improve their health care access while reducing what they pay for it.

Health Karma is a health services organization that provides well-being services to individuals who either have no healthcare coverage or that are underinsured in high deductible health plans.

Our Membership is not designed to replace healthcare coverage. It is designed to provide services for those that, as stated, do not have access to health care coverage or have such high out-of-pocket deductible requirements that they are not utilizing their benefits because of the financial burden associated with their high deductible plan.

Health Karma is not health insurance. It is a membership program that offers high-quality health benefits whether an individual has health insurance coverage or not.

With monthly costs of less than $30 for an individual and $50 for a family plan, members receive access to licensed healthcare providers across a wide and growing spectrum of care through $0 copay virtual primary, urgent, and behavioral care, as well as significant discounts to prescriptions, dental care, eye care, hearing and medical equipment. For employers, our Health Karma membership offers a comprehensive way for them to offer supplemental health benefits to all of their employees, including part-time and gig workers who typically are not eligible for benefits.

Membership Benefits with a $0 Co-Pay Include:

• Virtual Care Primary Care
• Urgent Care
• Behavioral Health w/Clinician 24/7
• Pet Telehealth
• 37 of the Most Commonly Prescribed Pharmaceuticals
• Annual Wellness Exam w/Metabolic Lab Panel Reviewed w/ a Medical Professional

Discounts Programs Provided with Membership Include:

• Dental
• Other Prescription Medications
• Vision
• Hearing
• Vitamins & Supplements
• Medical Equipment

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