Care That People Love

First Stop Health helps members save time and feel better faster thanks to 24/7 access to doctors and counselors via app, website or with a phone call. We help members avoid germy waiting rooms, and deliver the quality, convenient and cost-effective care they love.

How we do it:

+ Custom Employee Engagement: Year-long communications delivered to members that we manage and pay for — making it easy on HR teams to onboard, educate and engage employees throughout the plan year.

+ Amazing Patient Experience: No need to pre-register and $0 cost (for most members) make the patient experience convenient. When you add our <3 minute average doctor connection time, patients are amazed at how simple it really is to use FSH Telemedicine & Virtual Mental Health.

+ High Utilization: With a 44% average utilization rate (one of the highest in the industries), our engagement and patient experience fuel more usage — so employees actually benefit from the service.

+ High Value: We're so confident our service will result in lower healthcare costs, we back it up with a 125% savings guarantee for our Telemedicine clients — ensuring they achieve a 25% ROI or we refund/credit the difference.

+ Integrated Virtual Mental Health: As an optional service, we include access to virtual counseling services at $0 cost to patients. Licensed counselors are available nationwide to help with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and more.

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