Our Story

In the 1980’s Brent Williams left his career as an accountant in Canada with only $2,000 in his pocket. He moved to Utah and began realizing his dream of founding a business committed to people and solid business practices.

Brent first saw the need to create affordable dental plans for everyone. He later recognized frustrations from consumers and dental offices over refused and delayed payment of claims. Brent subsequently made it his mission to change the dental plan industry forever.

Brent founded the company in a small apartment. As he was able to garner some sales revenue, Brent expanded Dental Select to a small, furnished office with no money for a down payment and no money for salaries.

He hired a receptionist and had to cover her first pay check using a credit card. Although the company’s growth during the first years was slow and steady, Brent eventually nurtured the small company from 2 to 94 employees.

In recent years, Dental Select has experienced tremendous growth. Brent recognized the risks associated with rapid growth and maintained flexibility by shifting priorities for different phases of development. Brent’s vision has supported solid business practices during the shifting economy, expanded the company into the Texas market, and implemented cutting edge technology.

Today, Dental Select provides exceptional dental and vision benefit solutions for customers, partners and consumers and is known for quick claims payment turnaround, often within 24 hours, and has maintained its commitment to providing quality dental insurance affordably.

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