About Coastal Payroll

Coastal Payroll brings a human touch to payroll and HR. With dedicated service representatives assigned to each client, and technologically robust software solutions, we can meet individual client needs with the specificity and customization they deserve. This is reflected in our 77 Net Promoter Score.

Coastal Payroll began in San Diego in 2007 as a local alternative to the national providers. Over the years, we have grown to serve thousands of clients around the country, from multiple offices in California—yet, we’ve maintained the same laser focus on customer service. It will always be number one.

We have evolved to meet our clients where they are. We still provide the best payroll solutions, integrating exactly what each client needs to grow. We have also created full-service HR solutions—hand-in-glove consulting services that help clients see what they can’t see and fix what they didn’t know was missing.

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