Health Reimbursement Arrangement

BABD offers Integrated HRA’s (Integrated with Group Health Insurance), Individual Coverage HRA’s (ICHRA) and Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA).

Our HRA solution allows employees to:
● Store and view health care spending data in unique ways, to truly engage them in management of not only the HRA, but awareness of what kind of health care expenses they are experiencing over time
● Access accounts in several convenient ways. Our Consumer Portal, mobile application, and debit card are all fully integrated to provide a convenient and streamlined experience.
● Track employer contribution deposits and payment history

Our HRA solution allows you, the sponsor of the HRA program, to:
● Choose from basic HRA plan designs, such as HRA with individual/ family deductible, HRA with copayments for specific expense types, HRA with percentage payouts, and HRA with embedded deductible
● Offer creative HRA solutions with multi-tier coinsurance HRA plan designs, including family-only co-insurance by tiers, individual-only co-insurance by tiers, individual and family co-insurance by tiers, individual and family co-insurance by tiers, based on coverage level (if family coverage follows family tiers, if individual coverage follows individual tiers), and embedded individual and family co-insurance by tiers
● Manage HRA contributions, schedules, and reimbursement rules within the interface and allow for tiered contributions (individual, individual + spouse, etc.), custom contribution schedules, and individual/member maximums
● Accept wellness incentive contributions within an existing HRA or stand-alone for further employee engagement in their health

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