A truly 'hassle-free' benefits experience

Our focus, and what we do best, is providing a truly 'hassle-free' benefits experience for agents, employers and employees. Here's what your employee benefits plan ought to be giving you:

*Convenient & Complete. AHR gives you everything you need in a single, comprehensive plan: your HRAs, FSAs, HSAs, dependent care, your Premium-Only Plan, ERISA Wrap, COBRA, and a full notification and compliance package.

*No Nickel & Diming. We don't charge extra for set-up, enrollment, document or compliance testing. Everything you need is included in our low PMPM fee!

*No claims to file. Our “set it & forget it” technology constantly queries insurance companies for claims that need to be paid, verifies the claim & automatically deposits funds in the employee’s bank account.

*Smart pharmacy card. It instantly verifies benefits & pays the pharmacist at the point of sale, according to your plan design.

*Concierge service. Real people answering the phone, a mobile-friendly website to track account balances, expenses and claims, automatic email notifications of account activity, direct payment to providers if they wish..

*Lower claims costs. Your claims costs with AHR could be as much as 30% less than with our competitors, because of our proprietary claims technology. It blocks provider overcharges, pre-verifies all claims before they are paid

*Billing simplicity. Choose either:
 One bill per month or per pay-period, for claims we’ve already paid, or:
 a flat monthly bill. It comes with a free line of credit if claims go over that monthly amount.

*Expertise. With over 20 years of experience and our proprietary HRA actuarial data, we can help you choose the most cost-effective plan for your group.

AHR. Everything your plan ought to be.

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