Complete Virtual Care & Benefits Delivery Platform

AllyHealth offers a complete virtual care solution for groups of all sizes (down to 3 employees!), and we deliver industry-leading utilization and engagement of our services through our Guaranteed Engagement Process™and client success program. And because we are independent of the health plan, you can rest assured that there are no hidden agendas or motivations other than delivering the highest quality of virtual care and the best value and savings for your clients!

Virtual Urgent Care

Skip the germ-filled waiting room with 24/7/365 access to our national network of medical doctors with a $0 visit fee for the whole family. AllyHealth's industry-leading utilization, powered by our Guaranteed Engagement Process™, leads to savings for the client and the health plan as compared to in-person visits and carrier-embedded virtual care offerings. Average wait time of under 10 minutes and over 90% of our virtual encounters result in a resolution of the patient's issue.

Virtual Behavioral Health

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and other Mental Health issues have never been more front and center than they are today, and employees are demanding solutions. Be a part of the mental health revolution with AllyHealth's Virtual Behavioral Health service, which offers convenient and private access to talk therapists (with $0 sessions included in most plans) and psychiatrists from the comfort of home. Employees are demanding mental health support and solutions. Traditional EAPs are not doing enough. Ask about AllyHealth's Virtual Behavioral Health program today.

Savings & Transparency Tools

AllyHealth's platform has a fully integrated Rx Savings Program, which delivers savings for medications electronically-prescribed by providers on our platform, and also allows members to access savings and compare pricing for all of their medications at local retail pharmacies. We also have a medical bill review program, and other savings tools planned for release in 2022.

Benefits Delivery & Engagement Platform

AllyHealth's platform can be utilized by brokers as a "Benefits Delivery Platform" AT NO COST to centralize access to and drive engagement of all employee benefits that you offer to your clients. Our platform can be used by brokerages independently of any paid AllyHealth services, and is a great tool for your clients. We've spent a decade working on perfecting our Guaranteed Engagement Process™and now we are opening up our platform to allow you to get similar results for the other benefits and services you provide. Talk with your AllyHealth sales rep today to learn more about this free tool!

More Virtual Care Offerings

We have exciting new and innovative virtual health and wellness solutions being added to our platform soon that will help to keep you on the cutting edge of virtual care and benefits for your clients! Be sure to check back in with us throughout the year for more information.

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